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The Diagnostic Manual, Starting Model Year 1990 is divided into several volumes in the following subject areas:

Chassis and Drivetrain
Climate Control
Body and Accessories

Within these volumes, the topics are divided by vehicle systems and model/component application.

The volumes cover test procedures for electronically controlled systems and their subsequent hydraulic, pneumatic and mechanical systems.

Instructions on "How to Use the Diagnostic Manual" follow this preface. Section 0 contains general descriptions required for performing diagnosis and test procedures.

Function descriptions, repair procedures and test procedures of simple systems are described, as before, in the service microfiche.

Wiring diagrams of systems covered and those not covered in the Diagnostic Manual can be found in the corresponding Electrical Troubleshooting Manual.

The Diagnostic Manual is intended for use by authorized Mercedes-Benz service personnel for testing, diagnosing and servicing of Mercedes-Benz passenger cars.

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February 2002