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Volume 2.1

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Electrical Test Program - Preparation for Test

Injury hazard from pinching and crushing, in extreme cases extremities can even be severed when caught in the mechanism.

When working on components activated via hand, electrically via motors, hydraulically, pneumatically via linkages, it is possible that severe injury can result in the severing, pinching, or crushing of body parts.
Do not allow any body parts to be in the general area of the moving components.

Protective measures:
- Supervise work.
- Do not reach into the moving mechanism at any time during any tests.
- Keep away from the moving mechanism of components which are being activated via the HHT and or directly via circuit 30.
- Ensure that all test cables are of suffient length.
Electrical wiring diagrams:
Electrical Troubleshooting Manual, Model 163,
(available in Work Shop Information System [WIS] only)

Test equipment; See MBUSA Standard Service Equipment Program

Description Brand, model, etc.
Digital multimeter Fluke models 23, 77 III, 83, 85, 87