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Volume 4.1

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LOCATION:    13.7 Anti-Theft Alarm (ATA)   >   31 Version Coding

Version Coding

Version coding must be undertaked when a new PSE control module (A37) is being replaced. Only after the coding procedure, the ATA functions of the PSE control module (A37) activated. Coding is menu driven via HHT.

Entry into the version coding is via:
Body & accessories - ATA - Version coding

Correct version coding is a requirement for the proper indication of the Actual and Activation Menues as well as Fault Codes in the HHT.

Version coding

Version Selection Remarks
Country Version ATA Headlamp illumination time  
  up to 05/97  
  Rest of the world  
  (self activation)  
Anti-tow function Yes  
Alarm siren (up to 05/98 only: ) Yes Via a further sub-menu, the country
  No version of the alarm siren is set.
Interior motion protection Ultrasonic (as of 06/98)
  Ultrasonic (Model 208 cabriolet) Ultrasonic for Model 208 cabriolet is
  Infrared currently not available.