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Volume 5.1

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LOCATION:    16.4 Airbag (AB)   >   14 Diagnosis - Actual Values (driver/passenger-side airbag/side airbag)

Diagnosis - Actual Values (driver/passenger-side airbag/side airbag)

Actual values:
Four displays are possible:
, , , .

: Noted values are within the nominal values.
: Noted values are outside the nominal values.
: Seat belt buckle latched , front passenger seat occupied.
: Seat belt buckle not latched , front passenger seat not occupied.

Contrary to the DTC memory, actual values are updated continuously, even during diagnosis, so that, e.g.: by moving components, or connections and wiring harnesses, intermittent failures may be indicated, recognized.

Additional Actual Values:
If so equipped, with Seat Occupied Recognition (SOR) with Automatic Child Seat Recognition (ACSR) the additional information is shown:
(SOR continues to be active regardless if MB Child seat "Babysafe" is not used or recognized).
Passenger seat:
Child seat:
Facing direction of child seat:

The actual values: SOR/ACSR are updated approx. every 15 seconds.