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Volume 5.1

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LOCATION:    17.2 Emergency tensioning retractor (ETR)   >   22 Electrical test program - Preparations for testing

Electrical test program - Preparations for testing

Preperaqtions for testing
1. Ignition:OFF
2. Expose and disconnect test connection, ETR (X11/7) in the front passenger legroom (figure 1, 24).
3. Connect socket box with test wiring harness according to connection diagram (figure 1, 23).

Electric wiring diagrams:
See "Electric Troubleshooting Manual, Model 140"

Description:   Group
Model 140      91

Note on the column Test equipment/test connection
The letters or numbers in parentheses, such as 1.0 (B.1) mean:
B = connector B
1 = Socket 1 in electrical wiring diagram


Description Supplier
Multimeter Fluke 23 DB
Sun, DMM-