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Diagnostic Manual, Body and Accessories,
Volume 6

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LOCATION:    19.3 Roll Bar (RB) (Crash Deployment)   >   14 Diagnosis - Actual Values

Diagnosis - Actual Values

Four displays are possible:
, , , .

The actual values are based on:
RB MIL (A1e29)
Terminal 61
Left/right front seat belt lock relay module (K18/2, K18/3)
RB deployment solenoid (Y57/1)

: the measured values are within the nominal values.
: the measured values are not within the nominal values.
: Seat belt buckle latched.
: Seat belt buckle not latched.

Contrary to DTC memory, actual values are updated continuously, even during diagnosis. This allows intermittent faults to be recognized by moving/shaking components, connectors or wiring harnesses.