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Volume 6

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LOCATION:    20.1 Central Lock (CL)   >   31 Version Coding

Version Coding

Version coding
Version coding must be performed using the HHT, after the replacement of the All Activity Module (AAM) (N10). The version coding is menu driven.
Access to version coding is gained via: Body and Accessories-AAM-Control Module Adaption-Version Coding.

Version coding

Version Selection
Engine M112/M113
Country Version Norway/Sweden/Finland/Canada/
Great Britain/Netherlands/
Switzerland/Rest of World
Left-/right Hand steering vehicle Right Hand Drive/Left Hand Drive
Transmission Mechanical/Automatic
Country setting for fog lamps/rear foglamp USA/Rest of World
Foglamps as auxiliary driving lamp ON/OFF
Air Conditioning Installed/Not installed
Heated Seats Installed/Not installed
Trip Computer Installed/Not installed
Convenience Feature Possible with Door OPEN/Only with circuit 15
ATA Installed/Not installed
ATA interior protection/Anti-tow protection Installed/Not installed
ATA self arming ON/OFF
CL confirmation ON/OFF
Automatic CL locking after 1 minute ON/OFF
Automatic CL locking when driving ON/OFF
CL automatic opening ON/OFF
Panic Alarm ON/OFF