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Diagnostic Manual, Climate Control, Volume 1

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LOCATION:    3.8 Air Conditioning (A/C)    >   14 Version Coding

Version Coding

Reading Version Code

1. Turn ignition ON .

2. Press > 6 secs, press + to set display to .

3. The the version code will appear in the display window.
If the version code is not correct for the vehicle, the version code must be reprogrammed (see table).

4. To end press .


Programming Version Code

1. Ignition: OFF

2. Press and hold depressed.

3. Ignition: ON

4. Release .
LED flashes at one cycle per minute.
Display shows .
All other LED's are " OFF ".
The function of the A/C pushbutton control module is as in position .
5. Set version code by pressing (see table). The first activation of must occur within 30 seconds after ignition "ON" (thereafter, the programming mode is blocked).

6. Enter version code by pressing . A previously stored version code is thereby erased.

7. Turn ignition: OFF to end version code programming.

1. Numerical Value Preliminary setting
New, not yet programmed control module.
Delivery status, model 202
Serial interface K1 and K2, model 129