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Diagnostic Manual, Info./Comm., Volume 1

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LOCATION:    1.13 Instrument Cluster (IC)    >   11 Diagnosis - Function Test

Diagnosis - Function Test

Bulb test
Turn the ignition key to position "2". All malfunction indicator/warning lamps must illuminate.
Start engine. At > 480 engine RPM, all indicator/warning lamps are to extinguish, indicating that all systems monitored are O.K.
Independent of engine operation the following lamps go out:
After 4 seconds, the SRS MIL will extinguish.
After 6 seconds, the safety belt warning lamp will extinguish.


Should the malfunction indicator/warning lamps remain illuminated and/or come on while driving, it will be necessary to check the corresponding system with the Diagnostic Manual and/or the monitored fluid level as necessary.

Warning buzzer
Exterior illumination and service brake warning
Ignition key in ignition lock warning
Safety belt warning for 6 seconds
(the warning tone will cease if safety belt buckle is latched).

Indicator instruments
The indicator instruments must reflect the actual operating conditions.

Photo transistor (models 202 and 210)
Point a flash light at the Photo transistor ( 25 or 26 , Figure 1), at the same time the illumination for the LCD display (outside temperature display, trip odometer, odometer and electronic clock) must brighten noticeably.


Instrument cluster with multi-function display (model 210)
Functional problems (example: worn brake pads, engine coolant level insufficient, burnt out exterior lamp etc.) or a system failure (ABS system fault, SRS system fault) will be indicated in place of the outside temperature, trip odometer, odometer and electronic clock by use of a warning display. The warning display will be red or orange in color, based on the problem, additionally, a warning tone will be heard.

Maintenance display (model 170)
Turn ignition switch to position 2, press left button twice within one second: the tool symbol and the actual remaining mileage until the next scheduled service will be displayed for ten seconds.
Diagnosis and version coding is done using the HHT.