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Diagnostic Manual, Info./Comm., Volume 1

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LOCATION:    1.13 Instrument Cluster (IC)    >   12 Diagnosis - Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) Memory

Diagnosis - Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) Memory

Note regarding HHT:

The Instrument Cluster (IC) is tested via the HHT,
the following functions are available:

1. Control module version
2. Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) Memory
3. Actual values
4. Activation
5. Version Coding

By pressing the continue key on the HHT, additional information can be
recalled for each test step.

Note regarding version coding:
The following is available in the HHT during version coding:
1. Read out of version code and transfer to a new spare part instrument cluster.
2. Read out/change of version code: 1. Motor Version
2. Country Version (miles/kilometer)
3. Fuel tank version
4. Optional equipment

Prior to the replacement of a defective instrument cluster, readout and store the version code in the HHT. After installing the instrument cluster input the previously stored values back into the instrument cluster.
If the readout of stored version codes not possible, the input must be performed manually (by using the menu in the HHT).