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Diagnostic Manual, Info./Comm., Volume 1

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Diagnosis - Function Test

General Information
There are 9 test modes available which are indicated via the outside temperature display. The test mode number is indicated after the decimal point.
Example: Test mode 1 "Fuel tank display", appears as ,
which means 80 liters and test mode 1.

During test mode 2, "Momentary fuel consumption in liters per hour," consumption values of less than 9.9 l / h are shown multiplied by 10:
Example: corresponds to 3.4 l / h - test mode 2.
During an momentary consumption of greater than 10 l/h, the consumption and display are identical. This is indicated by a colon (:) in front of the display figures:
Example: corresponds to 12 l / h - test mode 2.

The test values that are indicated during diagnostics in the outside temperature display correspond to metric units of measure. A direct comparison between analog and digital displays is not possible. A comparison is only broadly possible.
Fuel tank reading: Analog in gallons,
Digital in liters,
Fuel consumption gauge: Analog in miles per gallon,
Digital in liters per hour.

Activation of Test Modes (displayed via outside temperature indicator window)

Ignition: ON

Depress center of clock adjusting knob "A" ( 23 Fig. 7) for at least 5 seconds and the first test mode display will appear in the outside temperature display window.

Pull out clock adjusting knob "B" and turn clockwise ( 23 Fig. 7) to activate the next test mode. For each additional test mode, the clock adjusting knob "B" must be pulled out and turned again clockwise.

When the ignition is turned OFF, the test mode routine is canceled.

Prerequisite for test modes 2 - 4 Engine: at Idle
To perform all 9 test modes, it is advisable to start the engine before activating the test modes.

Diagnostic Test Mode Identification

Test mode no. Function/component Digital readout (example) Corresponds to:
1 Fuel tank contents in liters 80 liters
2 Momentary fuel consumption in miles per gallon
3.4 liter per hour
12 liter per hour
3 Engine oil pressure in bar 2.0 bar
4 Engine rpm (x 100) 4100 rpm
5 Engine oil level
0= Oil level OK
1= Oil level not OK
6 Activation of oil pressure, fuel consumption and fuel tank gauges Needle in first quarter of gauge dial
( 23 , Figure 3)
7 Activation of oil pressure, fuel consumption and fuel tank gauges Needle in second quarter of gauge dial
( 23 , Figure 4)
8 Activation of fuel consumption and fuel tank gauges Needle in third quarter of gauge dial, the oil pressure gauge stays in second quarter of dial ( 23 , Figure 5).
9 Activation of fuel tank gauge Needle in fourth quarter of gauge dial, oil pressure gauge remains in second quarter, fuel consumption gauge remains in third quarter of gauge dial.
( 23 , Figure 6)