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Diagnostic Manual, Info./Comm., Volume 1

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LOCATION:    1.6 Instrument Cluster (CLUS)   >   11 Diagnosis - Function Test

Diagnosis - Function Test

General Information

Malfunction indicator/warning lamps

The instrument cluster is fully equipped with all lamps regardless of actual vehicle equipment.

Bulb test

Turn the ignition key to position "2". All malfunction indicator/warning lamps must illuminate.

After 4 seconds, the SRS MIL will extinguish.
After 30 seconds all other indicator/warning lamps will extinguish, with the exception of the following: ABS, ASD or ASR, and generator charging lamps.

Start engine. At > 480 engine RPM, all indicator/warning lamps are to extinguish, indicating that all systems monitored are O.K.
The indicator instruments must reflect the actual operating conditions.


Should the malfunction indicator/warning lamps remain illuminated and/or come on while driving, it will be necessary to check the corresponding system with the Diagnostic Manual and/or the monitored fluid level as necessary.