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LOCATION:    5.9 Loudspeaker Systems (LS)   >   22 Electrical Test Program - Preparation for Test

Electrical Test Program - Preparation for Test

1. Battery voltage 11-14 V.
2. Check fuses.
3. Radio OK.
4. Speakers for Sound-System installed.

To prevent damage to the radio and left/right audio power (N40/3) amplifier,
the connectors must only be disconnected or reconnected with the ignition OFF and radio OFF .

Electrical wiring diagrams:
Electrical Troubleshooting Manual, Model 210, group 82

Conventional tools, test equipment

Description Brand, model, etc.
Multimeter 1) Fluke Models 23, 77 III, 83, 85, 87, 88
Signal generator 1) SUN DTR-8416
1) Available through the MBUSA Standard Equipment Program.