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Diagnostic Manual, Info./Comm., Volume 1

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LOCATION:   6.1 CD Changer (CDC)   >   11 Diagnosis - Function Test

Diagnosis - Function Test

Explanation to the Function Test
The operation of the 6 disc CD changer is described in the Operation Guide for AM and FM Stereo Radio with Cassette Player and CD Capability.

The following points should be observed for the function test of the
CD changer:
Insert CD's into CD changer magazine.
Adjust volume control on radio.

3 inch CD's can not be played in this CD changer.

CD's which are warped after exposure to heat must not be inserted into the magazine.
Do not use force when removing the magazine from the CD changer.
Insert only one disc into each compartment of the magazine. An attempt to insert a second CD into a compartment can cause damage.