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LOCATION:    2.2 Combination Control Module   >   11 Diagnosis - Function Test (Heated Rear Window)

Diagnosis - Function Test (Heated Rear Window)

Preparation for Test:
1. Battery voltage 11 to 14 V
2. Fuses ok.
3. Voltage supply to AAM is OK.
4. Engine runing (Circuit 61 ON).

Test step/Test scope Test condition Nominal value Possible cause/Remedy 1)
1.0 Function of heated rear window Press heated rear window
switch (S21s9).
Heated rear window indicator lamp illuminates. Heating up of rear window can only checked if frosted over or covered with light moisture.
2.0 Automatic switching OFF of heated rear window. Heated rear window is turned ON.
The heated rear window is switched OFF after 12 minutes (Indicator lamp goes out).
1) Observe Preparation for Test, see 22.