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Volume 3

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LOCATION:    11.4 Retractable Hardtop (RH)   >  22 Electrical Test Program - Preparation for Test

Electrical Test Program - Preparation for Test

Preliminary work:
Diagnosis - Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) Memory 12

Fuses O. K.
Battery voltage 11 - 14 Volts (always connect battery charger when working on the hardtop).
Always disconnect battery ground (B-) first before disconnecting or connecting combination control module (N10-3) to avoid storage of DTC faults.
Use vehicle specific HHT module.
Connect HHT as described in section 0 of the Diagnostic Manual.

Note regarding testing with the HHT:
Actual values:
OPEN corresponds to 11 - 14 V.
CLOSED corresponds to 0 - 1 V.

Electrical wiring diagrams
See Electrical Troubleshooting Manual, Model 170, Volume 2, Group 77

Danger of injury
Risk of personal injury (pinching/crushing) while working underneath pre-tensioned springs and or spring struts. Use only approved special tools, tensioning devices, stops etc. Visually inspect special tools for proper function and possible damage prior to performing work.
Risk of personal injury (pinching/crushing) while working on partially opened retractable hardtop. Or while hardtop de-pressurizes after 7 seconds in the rest mode, depending on the position, the hardtop will come to rest upon itself. While working on the retractable hardtop, it is important to use all special tools (stops/supports) as a safety precaution.
Risk of personal injury (pinching/crushing) and in extreme cases loss of limbs or fingers, while reaching into moving components or mechanical units. It is important that limbs, fingers and body parts be kept away from the operating areas of the moving components.
Lastly, it is important to wear safety gloves when performing the tests.

Additional Safety Notes:
Prior to any testing, it is important to review and adhere to the safety notes in the Hydraulic Test Program, 33 as well.

Special Tools

Conventional tools, test equipment
Description Brand, model, etc.
Multimeter 1) Fluke models 23, 83, 85, 87
Battery charger 1) Local supply
1) Available through the MBUSA Standard Equipment Program.