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Volume 4.1

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LOCATION:    13.7 Anti-Theft Alarm (ATA)   >   13 Diagnosis - Actual Values/Activations

Diagnosis - Actual Values/Activations

Preparation for Test:
1. Fuses ok,
2. Battery voltage 11 - 14 V,
3. Voltage supply to the control modules and CAN data line is OK.
4. Ignition: ON
5. Connect the Hand-Held Tester (HHT) to X11/4, according to diagram, see section 0.

Actual values (functional condition)
Door contact switches
Alarm contacts
Anti-tow protection
Engine hood switch (S62)
Stop lamp switch (S9/1)

Menu driven via HHT

Four displays are possible:
, , , .

Contrary to DTC memory, actual values are updated continuously, even during diagnosis. This allows intermittent faults to be recognized by moving/shaking components, connectors or wiring harnesses.

The following components can be activated:
Switch illumination
Alarm Horn (H3) or Alarm siren with auxiliary battery (H3/1)
Headlamps/taillamps (only )
Blinker system

Menu driven via HHT.