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Volume 5.1

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LOCATION:    17.2 Emergency tensioning retractor (ETR)   >   12 Diagnostics - Troubleshooting chart

Diagnostics - Troubleshooting chart

Complaint Possible cause Remedy/test step 1)
After an accident both belt tensioners are released or not released. Left seat belt tensioner,
Right seat belt tensioner
23 1
23 2
Seat belt cannot be pulled out.
Seat belt twisted
Seat belt automatic reel defective
11 1
After latching the seat belt the retraction force is not reduced. Seat belt latch or seat belt automatic reel defective 11 3
24 1
Seat belt height adjustment does not work.
Cable not connected.
Defective seat belt height adjuster
11 4
1) Observe Preparation for Test, see 22.