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Volume 6

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LOCATION:    19.3 Roll Bar (RB) (Crash Deployment)   >   13 Diagnosis - Complaint Related Diagnostic Chart

Diagnosis - Complaint Related Diagnostic Chart

Complaint/Problem Possible cause Test step/Remedy 1)
No. 1
RB MIL (A1e29) in instrument cluster does not go out after starting engine (terminal 61) or illuminates while driving.
Determine and localize fault via DTC memory. 12
Terminal 61 loose.
No. 2
Roll bar will not manually retract after crash deployment
RB switch (S83) (manual operation) pressed less then 5 seconds (RB deployment solenoid [Y57/1] clutch not latched).
RB deployment solenoid (Y57/1) defective.
1) Observe Preparation for Test, see 22.