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Volume 6

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LOCATION:    19.3 Roll Bar (RB) (Crash Deployment)      22 Electrical Test Program - Preparation for Test

Electrical Test Program - Preparation for Test

Preparation for Test:
1. Check fuses F1-19, F1-20, F20-1, F20-2, F20-3, F20-4, F20-7, F20-8, F20-9, ok,
2. Battery voltage > 11 V,
3. RB MIL (A1e29) is illuminated in instrument cluster.

Disconnecting the connector or tilting of the power soft top control module (N52) upon removal, will cause the roll bar to deploy. Be certain to keep persons away from deployment radius of the roll bar. Risk of injury.
Electrical Wiring Diagrams
See Electric Troubleshooting Manual, Model 129, Volume 3, group 06