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Volume 2

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Electrical Test Program - Preparation for Test

For all test steps performed with ignition ON, the LED must light up, i.e. battery voltage O.K.
When testing , all other electrical consumers must be turned off.
For 23.0 - 25.0 the rear wheels must be raised off the ground.

Unscrew locking tab (arrow, 23 Fig. 13) from
ABS-adapter plug 126 589 09 21 00.

The entire ABS test must be performed after any repairs or other work on either the ABS system or the brake system.

It is assumed that the technician is capable of testing switches, relays, lamps, connectors and wires for proper operation without further instructions.

Never drive the vehicle with the ABS-adapter (07) connected!


Multimeter 1) Fluke models 23, 83, 85, 87
1) Available through the MBUSA Standard Equipment Program.