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Diagnostic Manual, Chassis and Drivetrain,
Volume 3

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LOCATION:    9.2 Traction Systems (ASR, ETS) and Speed-sensitive Power Steering (SPS)   >   22 Electrical Test Program - Preparation for Test

Electrical Test Program - Preparation for Test

1. Ignition: OFF
2. Disconnect ASR/SPS or ETS/SPS control module (N47/1 or N47/2).
3. Connect socket box with test cable as per connection
diagram (Figure 1).

Electrical Wiring Diagrams:
Electrical Troubleshooting Manual, Model 202.

When exchanging an ETS/SPS control module, the replacement module must have the code data entered via the HHT. Follow instructions on HHT display.

Conventional tools, test Equipment

Description Brand, model, etc.
Digital multimeter 1) Fluke models 23, 83, 85, 87
1) Available through the MBUSA Standard Equipment Program.