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Diagnostic Manual, Engines, Volume 4

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9.2    Engine 111 as of 08/96  

Diagnosis Page
Diagnosic Trouble Code (DTC) Memory   11/1
Complaint Related Diagnostic Chart   12/1
Electrical Test Program  
Component Location   21/1   
Preparation for Test   22/1
Sequential Multiport Fuel Injection System Test   23/1
Ignition System Test   24/1
EA System Test   25/1
CC System Test   26/1
Hydraulic Test Program  

Fuel System Pressure and Internal Leakage Test  
Preparation for Test   31/1   
Test   32/1
Fuel Pump Test  
Preparation for Test   33/1   
Test   34/1
Injector Test  
Preparation for Test   35/1   
Test   36/1