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Diagnostic Manual, Info./Comm., Volume 1

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Diagnosis - Function Test

General Note:

The trip computer control module (N41) has the following functions:

Calculate and display momentary and average fuel consumption
Calculate and display estimated range
Display time
Display date
ATA monitoring with glass break sensor
ATA monitoring with incline sensor

Trip computer control module (N41) receives all the information via CAN data bus (Figure 1 11 )

Test step/Test scope Test condition Nominal value Possible cause/Remedy 1)
Trip computer control module (N41)
Display, Voltage supply
Ignition: On switch (S2) in position 1
circuit 15R
All functions of trip computer will be activated in display for about 1 sec. (Figure 1 21 )

If no function is activated:
Voltage supply
23 1
If only some functions are not activated:
Trip computer control module (N41)
Trip computer control module (N41)
Fuel consumption signal
Engine: On at idle
Momentary fuel consumption mode on the trip computer display. Speedometer display in the instrument cluster (A1) operational

Engine: On
Momentary fuel consumption mode. Speedometer operational. Vehicle coasting with engine speed of approx. 2000 rpm
Trip computer displays maximum fuel consumption value (0.0 mil/gal; 99l/km)

Trip computer displays minimum fuel consumption value (70 mil/gal; 0.0 l/km)

The values correspond to the time of supplement edition (August 97) and they may change
Engine control module (N3/10)
Trip computer control module (N41)
1) Observe Preparation for Test, see 22 .