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Model 124


Body and Accessories 1-6
Convenience Feature (CF)
Cabriolet Soft Top (CST), Roadster Soft Top (RST), Roll Bar (RB) (Manual Deployment)
Airbag (AB)
Seat Belt Extender (SBE)
Roll Bar (RB) (Crash Deployment)
Chassis and Drivetrain 1-3
Base Module (BM) (Models 124.034/036 only)
Automatic Locking Differential (ASD)
Acceleration Slip Regulation (ASR) (Models 124.034/036 only)
Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) 1) (Models 124.034 only)
1) For vehicles not equipped with Traction System (ASR, ETS) or ESP. For diagnosis of ABS in vehicles equipped traction system or ESP, see respective section (Volume 2, section 5; Volume 3, sections 9 or 10).
Engine 104/119 1-4
Test and Adjustment Data (all engines)
Test and Adjustment Data (engine specific)
Engine Test, Adjustment
Idle Test, Adjustment
Diagnostic Equipment
Diagnostic Flow Charts
HFM sequential multiport fuel injection/ignition system (HFM-SFI) (Engine 104)
Continuous fuel injection system (CFI)
LH sequential multiport fuel injection system (LH-SFI)
Distributor ignition system (DI)
Electronic Accelerator (EA)
Cruise Control/Idle Speed Control (CC/ISC)
Diagnostic Module (DM)
ME sequential multiport fuel injection/ignition system (ME-SFI) 
Radio (RD)
CD Changer (CDC)