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Volume 1

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LOCATION:    2.1 Electronic Automatic Transmission Control (ETC)   >   12 Diagnosis - Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) Memory

Diagnosis - Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) Memory

Test Preparation for DTC Readout

1. Connect impulse counter scan tool to data link connector (X11/4) as shown in section 0.

Note: Connect yellow wire from impulse counter scan tool to socket 10 for impulse output from transmission control module (N15/1).

2. Ignition: ON.
3. Read DTC memory for transmission control module (N15/1).

Diagnostic trouble code (DTC) Possible cause Test step/Remedy 1)
No fault in system. In case of complaint: 23 (entire test)
Load signal interrupted. 23 7.0
Throttle valve switch (potentiometer) interrupted. 23 2.0
Engine speed signal interrupted. 23 5.0,
Check engine systems (MAS) control module (N16) or DI control module (N1/3)
VSS interrupted. 23 6.0
Output fault in TCM (N15/1) or fault in valve block control valve circuit (Y3/1y2). 23 9.0
Transmission control module (N15/1). Replace N15/1
Valve block control valve (Y3/1y2) . 2) 23 9.0
Valve block control valve (Y3/1y2), short circuit. 23 9.0
1) Observe Preparation for Test, see 22.
2) If DTC is displayed, it may be attributable to previous repair work done on the vehicle. For example, the valve block connector (Y3/1x1) on the transmission was not connected/reconnected while the engine was idling > 1000 rpm.
Clear DTC by using impulse counter scan tool. Start engine and idle at > 1000 rpm for approximately 10 seconds, check DTC with impulse counter scan tool, if DTC reappears 23 9.0.