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Diagnostic Manual, Chassis and Drivetrain,
Volume 3

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LOCATION:    10.5 Electronic Stability Program(ESP)   >   22 Electrical Test Program - ESP Hydraulic Component Locations

Electrical Test Program - Preparation for Test

Life threatening injures possible if following protective measures are not followed.

Risk of severe injury, due to uneven placement of lift arms/lift arm supports, as well as the support and lifting of vehicle components, there is the possibility of the vehicle slipping while on the lift.

Danger of vehicle toppling off of lift due to irregular weight distribution after the removal of components and axles.

Protective measures:

Center vehicle (fore, aft and across) properly on both sides of the lift columns.
When supporting components while the vehicle is on a lift, ensure that the vehicle is not lifted from the lift arms, therefore secure vehicle to the lift arms as well.
Ensure that the lift arm supports are even and parallel to each other when lifting the vehicle.

Protective measures continued:

Prior to lift vehicle completely (wheels still in contact with floor), ensure that the lift arm supports are correctly placed unto the vehicle contact points.
Prior to removing the axles or components from the vehicle while on the lift, secure the vehicle to the lift arms or place sand bags inside the vehicle to ensure proper weight distrubution to prevent toppling of the vehicle from the lift.
Basically obey all the rules/guide lines regarding the lifting of vehicles as stated in the operator's manual by the lift manufacturer.

1. Review 11, 13, 21, 23
2. Additionally review section 0,
3. Ignition: OFF

Wiring Diagrams:
(location of grounds and connectors).
Electrical Troubleshooting Manual, Model 170,
Electrical Troubleshooting Manual, Model 202/208, Vol. 2

Test Equipment; See MBUSA Standard Service Equipment Program

Description Brand, model, etc.
Digital multimeter Fluke models 23, 77 III, 83, 85, 87