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Diagnostic Manual, Chassis and Drivetrain,
Volume 3

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LOCATION:    11.1 BAS   >   12 Diagnosis - Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) Memory

Diagnosis - Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) Memory

Preparation for DTC Readout

1. Review 21, 22, 23
2. Connect Hand-Held Tester (HHT) to data link connector (X11/4) according to connection diagram (see section 0).
3. Read out DTC memory and actual values for BAS system.
4. Read out DTC memory for traction systems (ABS, ASR, ESP).
5. Perform Function Test via the HHT.
6. Ignition: ON

DTC readout is not possible using an impulse counter scan tool.

In case of complaint, and no fault is present in system, perform 23 in its entirety.

Test Equipment; See MBUSA Standard Service Equipment Program

Description Brand, model, etc.
Digital multimeter Fluke models 23, 77 III, 83, 85, 87

Possible cause Test step/Remedy 1)
- No fault in system In case of complaint: 23 (entire test).
BAS control module (N48)
Solenoid valve (A7/7y1)(BAS) short to ground
Circuit 30, open circuit
Replace BAS control module (N48),
23 4.0
23 1.0
Battery voltage too low, circuit 87 23 1.0
Battery voltage excessive, circuit 87 23 1.0
Incorrect engine control module (ME-SFI) Read out DTC's for engine control module,
Code engine control module.
CAN communication with traction systems control module (N47) interrupted
CAN communication faulty overall
CAN signal from stop lamp switch (S9/10), interrupted
CAN signal from VSS (wheel rpm) or ABS, interrupted
Release switch (BAS) (A7/7s1), open circuit
Release switch (BAS) (A7/7s1), short circuit
Release switch (BAS) (A7/7s1), short to ground
See Actual Values, via HHT.
Release switch (BAS) (A7/7s1), plausibility See Actual Values, via HHT.
Release switch (BAS) (A7/7s1), redundancey See Actual Values, via HHT.
Membrane travel sensor (BAS) (A7/7b1), open circuit or short to ground
Membrane travel sensor (BAS) (A7/7b1), short circuit
Membrane travel sensor (BAS) (A7/7b1), short to ground ot open circuit
23 5.0
Membrane travel sensor (BAS) (A7/7b1), plausibility 23 5.0
Membrane travel sensor (BAS) (A7/7b1), membrane speed 23 5.0
Stop lamp switch (S9/1) plausibility, membrane comparison
Stop lamp switch (S9/1) plausibility, release switch comparison
23 5.0
See Actual Values, via HHT.
Solenoid switch (BAS) (A7/7y1), short to ground
Solenoid switch (BAS) (A7/7y1), short circuit to positive +
Solenoid switch (BAS) (A7/7y1), short circuit
Solenoid switch (BAS) (A7/7y1), open circuit
23 4.0
1) Observe Preparation for Test, see 22.