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Diagnostic Manual, Engines, Volume 2

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 1.1  HFM Sequential Multiport Fuel Injectin/Ignition System (HFM-SFI)   >   36 Hydraulic Test Program - Test (Injector Test)

Hydraulic Test Program - Test (Injector Test)

Test step
Test scope
Test connection
Test condition
Nominal value
Possible cause/Remedy 1)
1.0 Injectors
Leakage test

29 39
(1.29) (1.39)
Fuel rail and fuel injectors removed.
Ignition: ON
Injectors must not drip. Replace dripping injectors,
2.0 Injectors
Operation and spray pattern test

29 39
(1.29) (1.39)
Ignition: ON
Hold each injector, one after another, into a container and, using the self-made test harness, manually activate the injector by connecting harness banana plugs to socket box sockets 32 (-) and 39 (+).
Injectors must spray evenly
(Figure 1).
Replace defective injectors.
1) Observe Preparation for Test, see 22 .