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Diagnostic Manual, Engines, Volume 3

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LOCATION:    6.1 Electronic Accelerator - (EA)    >   11 Diagnosis - Function Test

Diagnosis - Function Test

Electrical wiring diagrams, see Electrical Troubleshooting Manual.

Test step
Scope of test

Test connection

Test condition

Nominal value

Possible cause/remedy

1.0 Throttle valve signal from/to electronic accelerator/cruise control module (N4/1)


Ignition: OFF
Unplug ABS/ASR control module (N30/1),
Connect socket box and signal generator.

Connect red wire to socket 16, set frequency to 200 Hz and voltage to 10 V (square wave).


Ignition: ON
Move accelerator pedal to full load position.
4 - 7 V and electronic accelerator actuator (M16/1) must only move approx. 50% from idle position
Open/short circuit between control modules (N30/1 and N4/1).

If nominal value is attained:
perform ABS/ASR Test Program (see Diagnostic Manual, Chassis and Drivetrain),

If nominal value is not attained:
perform Test 23 1) .
1) Observe Preparation for Test, see 22 .