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Diagnostic Manual, Info./Comm., Volume 1

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LOCATION:    8.1 Parkronic System (PTS)   >   11 Diagnosis - Function Test

Diagnosis - Function Test

Test step/Test sequence Test condition Nominal value Possible cause/Remedy 1)
1.0 Function test PTS on/off switch (S95): ON
(switch control LED OFF ).

Battery voltage: 11 - 14 V.
Speedometer functioning properly
Ignition: ON
When ignition switch is turned: ON
System functional: all segments (4, Figure 1) should illuminate for approx. 2 sec.. and the frame (3, Figure 1) should also illuminate.

Ensure that there are no obstacles in the front, rear, or sides of the vehicle.
23 1)
1) Observe Preparation for Test, see 22 .

A42 PTS sensor assembly (front bumper)
A42b1 Left outer sensor
A42b2 Left center sensor
A42b3 Left inner sensor
A42b4 Right inner sensor
A42b5 Right center sensor
A42b6 Right outer sensor
A43 PTS sensor assembly (rear bumper)
A43b7 Right outer sensor
A43b8 Right inner sensor
A43b9 Left inner sensor
A43b10 Left outer sensor
A44/1 PTS warning indicator(left instrument panel air outlet)
A44/3 PTS warning indicator (rear dome lamp)
  A44/4 PTS warning indicator (center instrument panel air outlet)
Kl 15 Voltage supply, circuit 15
Kl 31 Ground, circuit 31
Kl 58 Lights, circuit 58
N47 Traction systems control module, VSS signal
N62 Ultrasonic PTS control module
S16/1 Starter lock-out/backup lamp switch
S16/10 Transmission range recognition switch (voltage coded)
S95 PTS on/off switch
X11/4 Data link connector (DTC readout)